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Q1. Can I combine gift cards with coupons or special promotions?
In most cases yes, gift cards may be combined with an in-store or an online coupon along with special promotions. For most merchants, they work like cash. However, there may be restrictions about this form of clubbing in case of a few merchants. We suggest, you confirm it with the merchant before you make a purchase.

Q2. Can I use a shipping address different from my billing address?
We're really sorry. We can only ship your gift cards to your billing address at this point of time.

Q3. Can I use electronic gift cards in store?
While most electronic gift cards can be used only in an online store, some gift cards may work for an in-store purchase.Please visit our buy page or the website of the concerned merchant to get further details on the same.

Q4. Can I use my gift card online?
Most of the gift cards may be used for an online purchase. However, some cards are to be used in store only. In case a gift card is to be used in store only, it will be mentioned in the listing for the card.

Q5. Do these gift cards expire?
Gift cards never expire, unless otherwise stated in the listing. However, we recommend using them within the balance guarantee period. Should you face any problem during this time frame, please contact us so that we may help you at the earliest.

Q6. Do you accept Store credit / Merchandise credit?
Yes, we gladly accept all forms of plastic gift cards even in the form of merchandise credits, as long as they are transferable and usable by other users.

Q7. Do you charge for shipping?
Shipping is free for all purchases.

Q8. Do you charge Sales Tax?
No, we do not charge sales tax for gift card sales.

Q9. Do you provide a guarantee on your gift cards?
Yes, we at Gift Card Outlets provide a guarantee on all our cards and follow a 60 day refund policy for "items not as described." We will definitely do our level best to contact the seller and get you a refund even after the 60 day window period lapses. However, this cannot be guaranteed.

Q10. How are you able to discount the gift cards?
The gift cards we sell are bought by us from customers who no longer need them. We buy them at a discount from their face value and resell them at a discount.

Q11. How much time will it take to receive my cards?
Once you place an order for gift cards with us, we generally send the shipment 1-3 business days. All e-codes are delivered within 1 business day for returning customers and within 1-3 business days for new customers for whom a one-time phone verification is mandatory before the e-code is delivered to them. All plastic cards are shipped using USPS first class mail and it typically take 3-7 business days to arrive. All e-codes are delivered to your Gift Card Outlets account and not via an email.

Q12. I was asked for my credit card number. Should I part with the details?
Gift Card Outlets does not ask for credit card numbers over the phone or in an email. If you received a call from someone pretending to be from Gift Card Outlets, please do NOT provide any information and contact us on (331) 264-4777 or report this to us on [email protected]

Q13. Is there any fee associated with these gift cards?
There is no fee associated with our gift cards.

Q14. What are electronic gift cards?
Electronic gift cards are delivered to the buyer's email address within 1 business day, and only contain the gift card number and pin and not an actual plastic card.

Q15. What gift cards do you accept?
We accept gift cards from any brand, retailer or restaurant. You can sell your e-gift card(Electronic gift card) with a minimum balance of $15 on the card.

Q16. What happens if I lose my gift card?
Gift Card Outlets highly recommends that you keep a copy of the card numbers safely in case the gift card is lost. Most merchants will allow you to replace a lost or stolen gift card for the remaining balance on it. However some merchants treat gift cards strictly as cash and may not honor the replacement of a lost card.

Q17. What is Merchandise credit?
Merchandise credit is same as a store credit and works just like gift cards. However, the gift card may read "Merchandise Credit" in it. While most merchandise credits can be used both in stores, and online, some may be used in store only if specified in the listing.

Q18. What is your refund policy?
We will gladly refund buyers within 45 days of the receipt of gift card, ONLY if the balance on the gift card received is different from what was stated or if the balance on the gift card depletes and / or it becomes void with no fault of the buyer.

Q19. Why are you asking me questions about my Identity?
In some cases, we may need to ask our customers to identify themselves in order to ensure that a transaction is indeed done by an authorized card holder. We may verify this by using a third party service to ask questions from public records which is based on answering a set of multiple choice questions. In some other cases, it may be done by asking for a 3-way conference call with your card issuer.

Q20. Will you provide me prepaid label for shipping the gift cards to Gift Card Outlets processing center?
At this time, Gift Card Outlets does not offer prepaid shipping / postage to mail in your gift cards.